Legal Information and Disclaimer of website usage conditions

Relevant Information about website proprietor

In compliance with the applicable laws, Dipolo Technologies Corp. (hereafter known as, “DIPOLO” or "DPT") is the owner of the website, and will proceed to communicate relevant data in compliance with standard regulation and policies:

Official Company Title: Dipolo Technologies Corp.

Official Company Address: 201 S Biscayne Blvd. Ste. 800, Miami FL 33131 

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 32-0382114

Official Email Address: “contact” followed by “@” then followed by “”

The current information complies with regulated conditions of use, limitations of responsibility and obligations to the users of the webpage that is published under the domain name, and assumes and commits to respect and comply with this regulation.


“Site”, domain that is available to all internet users.

“User” physical person or jurisdiction that browses or uses the Site.

“Content”, the pages that make up the domain in its entirety, with information and services that DIPOLO makes available to Internet Users. These pages may include messages, texts, photographs, graphs, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, illustrations, audio files or images, recordings, software, aspects, graphic design, source codes and, in general, any class of material that the Site may contain.

“Web” the technical term used to describe the access system to information via the internet, which is configured through pages made with HTML language or similar, and program mechanisms such as java, javascript, PHP, etc. Within these pages, designed and published under the domain of the Internet, is a result of the information that the owner makes available to Users of the Internet.

“Hyperlink”, the technique by which a User can browse different Web pages, or the Internet, with a simple click of the text, icon, button or indicative that the link contains.

“Cookies”, is the technical term used for the method of “tracing” and the surveillance of the navigation of the Web site. They are small text files that are inscribed in the User´s computer. This method has privacy implications, so DIPOLO advises that it can utilize cookies with the aim of elaborating on usage statistics for the website and also to identify the User´s PC in order to recognize it during future visits. In any case the user can configure their browser so that the use of cookies is disabled for their visits to the website.

Conditions of Use

The mere and simple use of the site results in the conditions of use of the site being applied, whether it may be a physical person or a jurisdiction, and results in the obligatory implication of complete acceptance, wholly and without any reservation, for each and every clause and the general conditions of use of this Disclaimer, or alternatively refrain from using the site.

This Disclaimer is subject to changes and amendments so the published version of DIPOLO can be different every time that the User accesses the Portal. Therefore, the User should read the Disclaimer each and every time that they access the Site.

Throughout the Site, DIPOLO grants Users access and use of varying published Content through the Internet either by DIPOLO or by third party authorities.

The User is obligated and bound to using the Site and its Content in compliance with current legislation, the Disclaimer, or any other notice or posted instructions present, whether it be through means of this disclaimer or in any other place within the Content that make up the Site, and will comply with generally accepted moral and decency behavioral standards. 

For this purpose, the User agrees and commits to NOT use any of the Content for illegal purposes, neither those prohibited in the Disclaimer or by current legislation, that may be detrimental to the rights and interests of others, or that could in any way damage, disable, overload, impair or impede with normal Content use, the information equipment or documents, files and all classes of content stored on any of the information equipment owned or leased by DIPOLO, of other Users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

The User agrees and commits to not transmit, distribute or reproduce any class of the content material in the Site to others, such as information, texts, data, content, messages, graphs, illustrations, audio files or images, photographs, recordings, software, logotypes, brands, icons, technology, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source code, or any other form of material that the User of the Site might have accessed, and this list is of an unlimited nature.

Also, in accordance with the above information, the User is not permitted to:

  • Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or in any manner publically communicate, alter or modify the Content, unless written and explicit authorization has been granted by DIPOLO, who owns the corresponding rights, and furthermore, that the objective is legally permitted.
  • Remove, manipulate or in any way alter the “copyright” and other relevant data of which the rights are reserved to DIPOLO or the owner of the data, of the digital footprints and identifications, or of any other recognizable technical means established for this purpose.

The User should refrain from obtaining or trying to obtain Content using methods or procedures other than those that, where appropriate, have been made available for this purpose or that have indicated this purpose on the Website where the Content was found or, in general, that is usually used on the internet for this purpose, provided that it does not pose any risk of harm or misuse of the Site and/or its Content.  

Intellectual Property

All trademarks, trade names or logos of any kind that appear on the Site are the property of DIPOLO or, where appropriate, of third parties who have authorized their use, without the agreement that the User has been granted any right to access the Portal and/or its Content including trademarks, trade names and/or logos, or without any understanding that grants the User any exiting rights or rights that may exist to said Content.

Similarly the content is the intellectual property of DIPOLO, or of third parties where appropriate, therefore, the Intellectual Property rights are under the ownership of DIPOLO or the third parties that have authorized their use, to whom these rights correspond in the same manner and, in particular, refer to the rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or modify Content. 

The non-authorized use of the information contained in this Site, and furthermore any breach of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of DIPOLO or of third parties included in the Site, will result in legal action.


Those who wish to establish a link between their Website and this Website must observe and comply with the following term and conditions:

  •  Prior authorization is not required when the link only redirects to the Home page, however the information cannot be reproduced in any form. Any other type of Hyperlink will require the expressed and explicit written Consent from DIPOLO.
  • Frameworks cannot be created with the Website or on the DIPOLO Site.
  •  No false, inaccurate, or offensive indications or statements may be made about DIPOLO, its managers, its employees or collaborators, or about the Users of the Site, or people linked to the Site in any manner, or about the available Content.
  • No understanding or declaration may be made that DIPOLO has authorized the Hyperlink or that it has overseen or assumed any link, in any form, with the Content or information available from the Web page that has established the Hyperlink.  
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established can only strictly contain that what is necessary to identify the destination of the Hyperlink.
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established must not contain illicit content or information, that infringes moral and generally accepted behavioral standards in public order, nor can it contain content that infringes the rights of third parties.     


Cookies is the technical term used for the method of “tracing” and the surveillance of Web site navigation. They are small text files that are inscribed in the User´s computer. This method has privacy implications, so DIPOLO advises that it can utilize cookies with the aim of elaborating on usage statistics for the website and also to identify the User´s PC in order to recognize it during future visits. In any case the user can configure their browser so that the use of cookies is disabled for their visits to the website.

Availability of Site

DIPOLO does not guarantee uninterrupted or error free access to the Site, or its Content, nor does it guarantee that the information will be up to date, although the best efforts will be made, where possible, to prevent this and to keep information correct and up to date. Therefore, DIPOLO is not responsible for any form of harm or damage done to the User as a result of failures or disconnections to the telecommunications networks that produce these services causing suspension, cancellation or interruption to Portal services during use.

DIPOLO does not accept responsibility, with the exception of current legislation, for any harm or damages of any nature that may arise due to a lack of availability, continuity or quality of the components of the Site or its Content, or for not complying with the utility expectations that Users may have attributed to the Site and its Content.  

The purpose of the Hyperlinks that appear in this Website is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other Websites that contain information relevant to the material. Said Hyperlinks do not constitute any suggestions or recommendations.

DIPOLO does not accept responsibility for the content, the operations, the utility or the results of these linked pages, nor will it guarantee the absence of viruses or other similar elements that can cause modifications to information systems (software and hardware), and the user´s documents or files, nor does it assume any responsibility for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

Access to the Site does not imply any obligation on behalf of DIPOLO to oversee the lack of any viruses, worms or any other element that my harm your computer. It corresponds that the User, in every instance, may use the availability of adequate tools for the detection and removal of harmful computer programs, therefore, DIPOLO does not hold any responsibility for possible security errors that may occur during use of the services of the Site, nor for any damage caused to the information system, the files or the documents stored within (hardware or software) of the User or of third parties, as a result of the presence of a virus on the user’s computer used to connect to the services and contents of the Web, or of a malfunctioning browser or the use of non-updated programs.

 Quality of Site

Given the dynamic, changing nature of the information and services that the Site provides, despite our best efforts DIPOLO cannot guarantee the complete accuracy, correctness, reliability, usability and/or up to date nature of the Content.

The information contained in the pages that make up this Portal is only of an informative, advisory, explanatory and promotional nature. In no circumstances does it involve matters of a binding or contractual nature.

 Limitation of responsibility

DIPOLO does not accept responsibility for decisions that the User might make based on this information, nor for possible typographic errors that the documents and graphs of the Site may contain. The information is subject to possible periodic changes, without notice, to its content by extension, improvement, correction or updating of Content.


All notifications and communication by DIPOLO made to the User by any means shall be deemed effective for all purposes.  

 Availability of the Content

The use of the service of this Site and Content has, in principal, an indefinite duration. DIPOLO, however, is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of the service of the Site and /or of the Content at any time. If the situation permits, DIPOLO will provide advance warning of the termination or suspension of the Site.

Personal Data Protection Notice

DIPOLO is aware of the importance of the privacy of information that is of a personal nature and therefore has implemented a data management policy aimed at providing maximum security in the use and collection of information of this nature, ensuring compliance with current regulation of this field and ensuring configuration of this policy into the main foundation of the company.

Whilst browsing the website it is possible that information of a personal nature will be requested by different available forms for some purpose.  

This data will form a part of relevant files depending on the particular purpose and the reason for the collection of this information will be specified.

Therefore, the particular elements of each data processing activity will be attached to each form on the web, all of them being handled in the same manner by the data controller: DIPOLO, whose principal residence is the location where the exercising of access rights, rectification, cancellation and any opposition will occur, which must be processed by written communication to the above address including a copy of relevant proof of identification.  

In the event that data is entered via email, it will form part of a folder with the aim of managing the request or comment made, and the points highlighted in the previous paragraph will apply in the same manner in this case also.

Furthermore, the general conditions of contracting the services of DIPOLO contain the characteristics and process of data management that will be developed in the same manner in the event that you hire any of these services.

On the other hand, DIPOLO has incorporated the technical and organizational means necessary to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, or unauthorized access and theft of the Personal Data that stakeholders may provide as a result of accessing different sections of the website, or using the apps, applying security methods  for the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature.

Applicable Legislation

The Disclaimer is governed by USA law.

 Copyright© DIPOLO

All rights reserved by copyright laws and intellectual property treaties. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce or disclose, in part or in full, by any means.