Achievements and Awards


Auding Project Finalist IDEA2 Madrid

The Consortium of Madrid-MIT M+Vision, collaboration between the regional government of Madrid and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced the finalists for its new mentoring innovation program, IDEA2 Madrid. IDEA2 Madrid awards people and work groups who are developing their projects in the Community of Madrid and who have shown promising new ideas in the field of biomedical technology. It offers them excellent assessment and support to convert their ideas into fully fledged projects and potentially, into new businesses.

The Consortium invited emerging companies in the field of bio-medical technology to demonstrate their proposals: a series of ideas, summarized on one page, for new bio-medical technologies or techniques that can improve medical care for patients. A total of 24 initiatives were presented, from which the Executive Committee selected 10 finalists to progress forward to the next stage of the program.

A council made up of 28 judges evaluates the proposals. The judging panel is diverse, consisting of radiologists, clinical program directors, chemical engineers, surgeons and telecommunication engineers, representing Spanish companies and institutions like the Complutense University of Madrid, the San Carlos Hospital Clinic, the Foundation of Healthcare Investigation, the University of King Juan Carlos, the IE Business School and Oracle España, as well as the regional government of the Community of Madrid.

Auding™, a software application developed by Dipolo to improve image diagnostics, was a selected finalist in this program. This enabled us to continue developing Auding™ and also put us in contact with international investors. This is a great opportunity for our company to further our research in medical technology.

“The Consortium´s main objective is to help Madrid become a worldwide player in the field of bio-medical innovation”, states Martha Gray, Director of the Consortium and Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “IDEA2 Madrid is designed to encourage innovation in the region – especially in the field of science, and to aid engineers and companies to start their careers, with access to expert resources and mentors that need to develop their own vision. The greatest achievement of IDEA2 Madrid is that it shows that the Community is embracing innovation at every level, from young talented individuals to experienced leaders.