Audiovisual Diagnostics

The objective of the Auding project is to facilitate staff by introducing sound whilst they are carrying out an image study alongside the normal method of visual examination only. It is not about supplementing one sight with another, but more about complementing it. Overall it consists of transforming the information that has been obtained from an image in medical mode into sounds audible by the human ear.

If a person trains their hearing, in a similar way to that they would train their sight, we will have a powerful tool to accelerate and facilitate the work of doctors in general but especially the work of radiologists. 



  • Takes information (properties) from DICOM images
  • Algorithms → forms a relationship between an image´s properties and sound
  • Transforms information of an image into audible guiding sounds
  • Being able to integrate this new tool into current imaging diagnosis systems such as PACS or medical equipment (CT, MRI, US)


Why Use “Auding”?

Auding will enable radiologists to perform and carry out their work in a faster, easier and more accurate manner for the following reasons:

  •  Higher perception and precision
  •  Applied directly to diagnostic equipment (X-ray, MRI…), acting as a guide when performing some imaging tests (in real time)
  •  Delivers a different sound when certain pathologies are detected on a test
  •  Helps radiologists to manage the increasing amount of images faster by using both senses: sight and hearing