Invest in Dipolo Technologies


Dear potential investor,

DPT is a technological company based in Miami as the american branch of MDS, a Spanish company with a proven business model working on Healthcare IT, starting off in November 2006 after several years of working “on site” in hospitals in connection with companies such as Picker, Marconi Medical Systems, or Philips. 

In total, the staff of MDS has been working within the medical technology sector for approximately 15 years. The company´s core business is the integration of third party healthcare IT products, alongside its own products and services to create adaptable solutions to meet client’s needs. Also, it must be highlighted that MDS provides continuous support services, updates, etc, and are always available to the client.   

MDS has carried out diverse design projects, planning, execution and launching of private centers – basic or complex- or for public centers, specializing in Diagnostic and/or Radiotherapy Centers.

In order to grow and be more independent of our main big customers, our strategic plan is to redirect some of our own projects, still in the start-up phase, and optimize those that have already begun. This requires functional reorganization and delegation efforts, as well as proper funding. Some of these measures involve internationalizing the business, as there is a greater demand abroad, within a market that is certainly exclusive due to knowledge requirements which MDS-DPT already possesses.
Subsequently Dipolo Technologies Corporation entity –known as DPT-, started off in Miami as a subsidiary of the Spanish corporation MDS in 2012, with the objective of launching new lines of business internationally. The overall objective of MDS through DPT, consists of increasing commercial activity by means of a business that can grow by diversifying into different lines of business.   

Actually we have four main business lines:

1. Implementation and support of Healthcare IT solutions provided by our direct customers (Philips, Siemens, GE, Indra, Bayer, Telefonica, Public Healthcare System, etc). Sometimes we carry out commercial tasks.

2. Healthcare Engineering Consulting. Mainly in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala. We plan, design and develop Business Plans about Radiology and Radiotherapy Centers.

3. Medical Accessories and Software Selling. 

4. R & D, software and Apps development.


Our main projects are related to Healthcare:

1. Auding. Following this link is the best way to get the idea. It is a disrupting project about how to improve imaging medical diagnostics, incorporating a new sense, the hearing, to the human process.

2. DoseFinder. Due to legal UE mandatory new regulation, all the diagnostics and treatment centers using ionizing radiation (X-rays) have to incorporate some Control and Management software about patients doses. We want to focus on the niche of medium and small centers. to sell them our developed tool (DoseFinder), which has to be improved, at very competitive prices.

3. PACS & tele radiology for small and medium centers.

4. Many others ideas still into the drawer, waiting funds and the right time to be developed.

This is enough information to get and idea about our company and why we are looking for funding, in order to carry out the projects, to bring them to a more commercial level. And the way we think is better is sharing our company with investors. 

We think the funding could come from two different sources. One of them is from pure investors who like to have shares in European promising companies. Secondly, due to our legal capacities to bid for tenders and to import medical products, funding could come from manufacturers interested in selling their products in Europe, owning part of the company as the right vehicle to due that.

For further information please contact us. 

Jorge Cejudo-Podio