Dosefinder Products

The new Directive 2013/59/EURATOM, establishes security standards for protection against the dangers that may arise due to exposure to ionizing radiation, from which a new regulatory framework has been developed which is more up to date or even more abolishing than the existing one. Since it aims to reduce the risks that arise from radiation exposure it should, from now, cover all situations of exposure including occupations, general population and medical situations. Therefore, a need is presented to create an information system (IS) that is capable of containing and managing this new data. 

An administrative dosage solution is required to manage the impact that radiation has on patients from data obtained from radiological image systems. Furthermore it must abide by the IHE and DICOM MPPS standards, conditioned by modes that are not configured in order for the necessary message to be sent.  

Our Dose Control project consists of the development of software that is capable of obtaining information that patients have received from their healthcare system that can then be submitted to radiologists studies, so they can then examine them using X-Ray technology. 

Addressing this issue brings aligned benefits, as the acquired information can be treated in conjunction with other information to make recommendations about the use of the equipment in order to optimize the patient´s dose, and for the improvement of equipment.