Development of Healthcare Service Centres

Analysis, Design and Planning

We help image diagnostics and radiotherapy department managers with the optimization of their installations. We start first by analyzing the demand and we then continue on to launching all phases of the project development, up to the final stage of delivery to the end user. With the help of our partners, we are able to overlook the first phases of design, reducing the risk of initial errors later on in the process. We make use of our proprietary software to create an accurate and systematic Design process that assures secure and easy to decipher documentation. The Execution simplifies and reduces costs with the use of professionals who specialize in the area of medical equipment and equipment suppliers and who ensure the effective deadlines and staff training.  


Turnkey Project

From the initial concept to the integration of an installation for Image Diagnostics, Nuclear Medicine or Radiotherapy, there are multiple activities within the development of the project that have to be carried out in a detailed, accurate and knowledgeable manner.