Support and Training

Here at Dipolo we provide support for all of our products ensuring optimum performance. We also often provide support for additional products, ensuring that combined products are integrated well into the system and implemented also into our support services, which involves providing the client with a unique contact, and assuring that Dipolo is able to manage incidents, in order to avoid any trouble for the client. 

Without going into extensive detail, the following is a brief list of some of the support services that we offer:


  • 24/7 PACS/RIS Support.
  • Calibration and maintenance for high resolution monitors.
  • Support for various Healthcare Information Systems.
  • Contrasting diagnostic injection systems. 

Training: Educating and training for staff involved in the implantation and/or integration of the various adopted solutions, in order to improve processes and services. 

For solutions that require it, we establish temporary visits within similar units already in operation for designated members of staff, normally in advance of operations commencing within a company's own units.