Here at Dipolo we are dedicated to finding the ideal solution for all of our clients. We are able to do so using our own products and services, and also if necessary, by utilizing third party products. If a situation requires it, we combine the products of third parties with our own products and services, to create adaptable solutions to meet each client’s needs. So with your participation we are able to formulate a customized solution to match each individual’s requirements. Solutions of this nature usually require continuous support services (updates, technical support, etc) which are technical team are committed to providing.

The simplest and most profitable solutions currently are those that have an impact on patient security.  These services include Locating Systems to avoid the misplacement of patients or medical devices (RTLS)*, complimented by Logistics Systems, all of which allow the traceability and subsequent management of this information resulting in Business Intelligence that allows decisions to be made quickly and results in effects that can be seen in close to real time.

We also offer comprehensive healthcare solutions. For example, the construction of field hospitals, the completion of Healthcare Centers, Laboratories, Diagnostics Centers, Radiotherapy Centers, the provision of comprehensive Healthcare Center Equipment, etc.