We have created flexible solutions to meet the different needs of each of our clients, from the smaller options managing only a few thousand studies, to the largest solutions. 


PACS-RIS Corporate


EonPACS™is a free software (PACS) based storage system for medical images. It is a light and multiplatformed system (Windows Server, Linux). The multiple parameteriszation options make this the ideal tool for small to medium sized centers or for centers that make use of teleradiology solutions. 

EonPACS is a turnkey project. Our team here in Dipolo manages the whole process. Some of the activities our staff will carry out for your company include:

·         Searching for finance

·         Analysis of specific needs

·         Provision of necessary hardware

·         Telecommunications requirements

·         Implementation of solution

·         Integration of solution

·         Support services

·         24/7 system monitoring

·         Training and transfer of knowledge to employees 

EonPACS can be used with conventional radio diagnostic systems as well as mobile devices. The system lets you work either from your healthcare center or externally using teleradiology. Our teleradiology module allows you to work from anywhere in the world, using secure connections, with guaranteed confidentiality and integrity regarding your data. 

Our engineers continuously monitor the systems so that faults are detected immediately and resolved as quickly as possible. We also carry out periodic preventative maintenance to ensure that faults will occur as little as possible. 

We also offer redundant systems. A redundant system consists of duplicating infrastructure. When an error occurs in the system, or within the storage system, in order to substitute the faulty element an identical element will begin operating until our engineers repair the fault. This avoids any disruption to work processes or projects that could be caused by technical errors occurring. 

Dipolo incorporates innovative tools, that we have designed, within the system giving us unique added value.

The software used by a radiology workstation has multiple extensions including:

·         Volume rendering

·         Virtual colonoscopy

·         3D ROI

·         Aorta segmentation

·         PET-CT

·        Heart CT

·         Orthopantomography


Our EonPACS™ products do not have CE and FDA certification