Teleradiology enables the healthcare system to overcome a shortage of radiologists and offers services to smaller or more isolated hospitals at a reasonable cost.

Here at Dipolo, we offer complete implementation of these systems and integrate them with central information systems, optimizing the use of staff resources and materials.

Information communication technology is essential in all areas of development, especially that of medicine, with the greatest advantage being the ability to have access to available medical databases with images and reports, amongst other things, that can be consulted remotely. This means that it is possible to save paper, company circuit boards, time and money. 


In radiodiagnostic centers or services, the modalities or radiological teams generate diverse types of studies that are sent in DICOM format; in a secure and encrypted from; to our EonPACS™ system (our archiving and medical image management cloud platform).

After reading the diagnostic study it emits a report that will be sent to the client for their direct examination or for its inclusion in the corresponding Information System.

The result is the procurement of an informative and ready to print radiological study within a maximum period of 48 hours.